'Us and Chem.' – Blondey

'Us and Chem.' – Blondey


September 2018
ISBN 9781912122127
400 x 290 mm
52 pages
30 illustrations

A limited edition art book from London-based British artist Blondey McCoy.

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A bespoke mirrored publication, ‘Us and Chem.’ features all works from Blondey’s fifth solo exhibition from 2017 at HENI Gallery, Soho.

In this series of work Blondey openly addresses and confronts issues relating to mental health, in particular the country’s treatment of depression and anxiety in young people and the overreliance on prescribed antidepressants.

The artworks with their mirror backgrounds (here reproduced on foiled paper) constantly change depending on their surroundings, the audience and the angle from which they are viewed, creating a dynamic, interactive experience.

‘Us and Chem.’ includes a work created in collaboration with Damien Hirst: Beautiful, Chemically Imbalanced Painting is an amalgamation of Hirst’s Spin Paintings and Blondey’s collage techniques. The book features the poem ‘Us and Them’ by Olly Todd inspired by the exhibition.

A limited edition, each book is numbered and signed by Blondey and is presented in a custom-made, cellophane prescription bag.


About the artist

Blondey is a British artist, skateboarder, clothing designer and model living in London. He is creative director of fashion brand Thames and represented by the Kate Moss Agency. His work engages with popular culture as a means of communicating self, society and an interpretation and representation of modern day religion. He has collaborated with brands such as Arena Homme+, Adidas, Palace, and Burberry, among others. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions around the world.


Olly Todd is a professional skateboarder based in London. He also writes poetry.


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