40 Tage – Gerhard Richter

40 Tage – Gerhard Richter


December 2016
ISBN 9780993316166
218 x 310 mm
88 pages
40 illustrations

A series of graphite-on-paper sketches by German artist Gerhard Richter.

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A numbered edition, limited to 800 copies, 40 Tage is a series of 40 graphite-on-paper drawings, from figurative motif to abstract configurations, by Gerhard Richter produced between May and September 2015.


About the artist

Gerhard Richter was born in Dresden, Germany. He studied at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts and then the Düsseldorf Art Academy. His work has been the subject of exhibitions internationally, including touring retrospectives at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Tate, London, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and the Museum of Modern Art, New York, among many others. Richter has experimented with sculpture, photography, drawing and, notably, painting. Aided by the diversity of his media, the artist has continuously examined the nature of imagery, highlighting in particular the contingency of representation.