All My Photographs Are Made With Pens

Drawings By That Guy Tommy Kane

Tommy Kane

Tommy approaches scenes with a photographic eye but renders them in this trademark detailed drawing style


Robert Storr: Interviews On Art

Robert Storr

Interviews on Art includes around 40 illustrated discussions between American art critic Robert Storr and some of the most renowned names in the artworld over the last century.


What Is Gilbert & George?

Michael Bracewell

Accompanied by illustrations selected by the artists, the book provides candid insights into the working practice of Gilbert & George.

King's X

David Bailey

King's X brings together King's Cross and Street People King's Cross in one slipcased limited edition.



Simone Fattal

Depicting over 100 watercolour artworks made between 1972 and 2016, combining painting, collage and sculpture.


40 Tage

Gerhard Richter

A numbered, limited edition of 40 graphite-on-paper works  



David Bailey

A signed, hand-numbered and reimagined edition of Bailey’s seminal early 80s London document


Twelfth Night

Mary McCartney

“A rare peep back stage that Mary has so spontaneously and sensitively photographed.”—Mark Rylance  


Night Orchids

Brian Clarke

A vivid and diverse series of meditations on Clarke’s most recent subject, The Night Orchid


Iggy Pop Life Class

By Jeremy Deller

The fascinating document of Deller and the Brooklyn Museum's unique life drawing class with guest model Iggy Pop


Conor Harrington:

Watch Your Palace Fall

The first full monograph on Harrington's present œuvre unveils a startling union of the classical and neomodern. Signed edition.


Francis Bacon: Catalogue Raisonné

edited by Martin Harrison

A unique visual document of one of the art world’s most revered names


Francis Bacon: France and Monaco

edited by Martin Harrison

Uncovering the deep relationship between Bacon and French culture


Groovy Bob

The Life and Times of Robert Fraser

Harriet Vyner

'One of the most influential people of the London sixties scene' — Paul McCartney


Sea King

Sabine Moritz

A magnified study on the subtle power of repetition and deviation via an airborne icon


Street Art, Book Art

Ingrid Beazley

A unique document of a diverse and fascinating series of approaches to a single blank space



A Life Shaped By Jewellery

Stephen Webster

The indulgent, entertaining and visually effervescent story of Stephen Webster’s jewellery universe


Street Art, Fine Art

Ingrid Beazley

A culturally significant juxtapostion of the old masters and the cutting edge, now updated


Long Live Southbank

The Book

A communal, political and visually comprehensive history of a vital space in skateboarding culture


Gerhard Richter: November

The long awaited trade edition collating Ritcher's series of hypnotic and cerebral works


Sabine Moritz

A unique, objective study of airborne machines and the metaphorical weight they possess


An Excuse to Draw

Tommy Kane Sketches the World

A unique visual global study via sketchbook



Albert Irvin

‘I don’t want to depict or describe appearances – I want to make a kind of painting that is about the world rather than of it.’


Lucy Liu: Seventy Two

A stark, spiritual union of East and West, from Abstract Expressionism to Chinese Calligraphy


Lilies & Objects

Sabine Moritz

An elegant twin study on the fragility of the lily and the boldness of artistic sculpture and object



Six Tableaux de Gerhard Richter

Robert Storr

French language edition of the authoritative book on Gerhard Richter’s seminal group of paintings


Gerhard Richter: Settembre | Septiembre

Robert Storr

Italian and Spanish editions of the bestselling title on Richter’s post-9/11 query of meaning



Sabine Moritz

Moritz’s studies of roses are both a reflection on nature and a critical part of her working practice


Gerhard Richter: Night Sketches

A fascinating insight into the nascent stages of the creative process of a great artist


Gerhard Richter: Patterns

Divided Mirrored Repeated

Published in collaboration with and available from Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig

Gerhard Richter: Images of an Era

Published in collaboration with and available from Hirmer Verlag

Gerhard Richter: Beirut

Published in collaboration with the Beirut Art Center and Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig and available from Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig