Night Orchids

Brian Clarke

  • October 2016  
  • 978-0-9933161-0-4  
  • 370 x 280 mm | 14.5 x 11 in  
  • HB 320 pp  
  • 267 colour 


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Between December 2013 and August 2015, renowned stained-glass artist Brian Clarke focussed on the singular subject of Night Orchids during the evenings that marked that period—the series born during a visit to Thailand, continuing in France, and eventually consuming Clarke’s nocturnal hours on his return to his West London home.

Each the same proportion, these works follow the same method of exploration as within Clarke’s studies of other singular motifs—the fleur de lys; the spitfire; the cross; industrial architecture. Introduced by an exclusive interview between renowned American critic Robert Storr and Clarke, Night Orchids is an elegant monograph of 267 of these works— varying from delicate white line drawings on black card to vivid bursts of watercolour— and each contributing to an apparently endless sequence of questions about the nature of beauty and the void in which it flourishes.

This remarkable publication accompanies Pace London’s exhibition of the same name, which runs from 1-18 November 2016.