Gerhard Richter: Patterns

  • Various Editions  
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  • HB | 520pp  
  • 221 colour 

Published in collaboration with and available from Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig

Utilising his work Abstract Painting (724-4) as a starting point, Richter then divided the image into vertical strips over a 12 stage process— first two strips, then four, then eight and so on—until the twelfth stage of division formed a final image comprised of 8,190 strips at the height of the original work.With each stage
of division the strips became progressively thinner—a strip of the twelfth division is just 0.08 mm. Each strip is then mirrored and repeated, resulting in a series of 221 hypnotic, complex patterns that are displayed within the book, filling each double page almost entirely.

Patterns was published in a limited edition of 800 numbered copies, of which 50 hardback copies are numbered with Roman numerals I-L. Nos. 1-200 are signed.