WORLDRECORDS by Kai Schaefer

To celebrate the publication of WORLDRECORDS by Kai Schäfer, HENI Gallery presents an exhibition showcasing highlights from the photo series “World Records” where Schäfer photographs the great albums of music history on classic turntables, presented on oversized prints.

The large format allows all the details and nuances of the vinyl and record players to shine. Schäfer’s work is a tribute to the art of the analogue and a celebration of some of pop’s finest music.

Albums featured include David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, Serge’s Gainsbourg’s Initials B.B., Michael Jackson’s Thriller,The Rolling Stones’ Exileon Main St and The Clash’s London Calling.

An interview with the artist by Michael Bracewell accompanies the book as well as a foreword by Peter Hook, of Joy Division and New Order fame.

WORLDRECORDS. Shows at the Heni Gallery, 1st Floor, 6-10 Lexington Street, Soho from 1st June to 1st July.

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Nomos Alpha: Koo Jeong A

To celebrate the publication of Nomos Alpha, HENI Gallery presents a special six day exhibition of Koo Jeong A’s work. On display will be 20 large format reproductions – produced by HENI Editions – of a series of whimsical and often humorous pen drawings in Koo’s signature style. These works were previously exhibited at the Korean Cultural Centre UK in 2016, as part of the exhibition Riptide in celebration of Koo’s recognition as ‘Artist of the Year’.

Nomos Alpha is an artist’s book, created in close collaboration with Koo. The drawings collected come from a wider selection featured in the book R, published by Swiss Re in 2006. Available as a limited edition of 500, each book has been signed and numbered by Koo. Beautifully produced on extra thick paper with a bespoke jacket, this keepsake publication will be available at the gallery at the special discounted price of £70 (RRP £85).

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Outline: Eugénie Palustre

The first UK exhibition of French artist Eugénie Paultre, Outline presents a selection of 49 paintings and drawings created through 2016 and 17.

Paultre is an artist, poet and philosopher based in Paris. A master of colour, Paultre’s abstract works feature carefully selected lines of colour that create beautifully balanced and evocative visuals. Paultre applies the same philosophical insight and poetic prowess used in her academic and creative writing – she previously taught philosophy at the University of Paris, Sorbonne – to her painting, resulting in powerful, meditative works.

Paultre’s first artist’s monograph, also titled Outline, is published by HENI to coincide with the exhibition and will be on sale at the gallery for a discounted £40 (£50 through other outlets). The book features an extended list of works – 80 in total – alongside introductory texts by curator Emmanuel Daydé and Paultre herself, in both French and English.

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Simone Fattal: Watercolours

HENI is proud to present an exhibition of works by Simone Fattal to coincide with the publication of Simone Fattal: Watercolours by HENI Publishing.

The limited edition book presents over 100 watercolours works, from still lifes to abstracts. Made between 1972 and 2016, the book depicts a combination of painting, collage and sculptural works, all preceded by a discussion with the Artistic Director of London’s Serpentine Gallery, Han-Ulrich Obrist. This open discussion sees Fattal ruminating on her childhood in Damascus, her publishing company Post-Apollo Press, and other recurring themes that continue to inspire her long-standing affinity with the watercolour medium.

The exhibition is open every day (excluding bank holidays) from 30th November to 7th January. The book will be available to buy at the exhibition and online for £40.




Marking the 50th anniversary of their partnership, What is Gilbert & George? by Michael Bracewell is an accessible exploration of the artists and their art.

The book’s publication on 2 November was celebrated by a launch at HENI Gallery, featuring a conversation between author Michael Bracewell and Gilbert & George.
The audience was privileged to witness an excerpt from Gilbert & George’s new work GODOLOGY.

The groundbreaking artists were kind enough to sign copies of their new book at the event and a limited amount of signed copies is now available on our website. Click on the image below:


Bailey Exhibition

King’s Cross focuses on the fast-changing landscape of the King’s Cross area. Bailey’s relatively recent photographs are a testament to the ever- changing city and the stories held within.

Bailey presents a striking yet complementary contrast to the street photography of King’s Cross, turning his famed portraiture to the people that live on those very streets. Initially commissioned by The Big Issue in 1999, these portraits of homelessness showcase Bailey’s unsurpassed talent in capturing unexpected aspects of his subjects, challenging preconceptions with a quiet immediacy.

“It’s only as the latest tides of change have swept around the same streets where Bailey used to amble that we see here that they have come into their own. Look at these now, only a few years old, and they might as well come from a generation ago.” — Francis Hodgson

Beautifully presented, this limited edition large format two-book set presents Bailey’s photography in stunning detail. Each book includes a newly commissioned text by Francis Hodgson, former photography critic for the Financial Times.

For every copy of this book sold a £10 donation will be made to a homeless charity.

The book is published to coincide with the King’s X exhibition, showcasing a selection of the photographs featured in these books at HENI, 6-10 Lexington Street, London W1F 0LB which runs from 27 September 2017– 29 October 2017.


20/07/2017 | Us and Chem.

pressreleasepostcard 12.58.33Blondey McCoy presents: ‘Us and Chem.’


For his fifth solo show, British artist Blondey McCoy unveils Us and Chem. to us (and indeed them), an exhibition that intimately draws a parallel between art and therapy. Us and Chem. is a study in self reflection and the psychological manifestations of chemical imbalance. McCoy describes the 12-new mirror works as: ‘A product of disaster. Anti-drugs and pro art… the fruits of a project fuelled by hyper productivity as a means of combatting depression, rather than burying it the easy way’.

On account of his favourite magazine shop waving farewell to Soho’s square mile, Blondey has been forced to move away from his signature cut and stick photo montages of pre existing material and has collected, curated, photographed and then printed onto mirrors a London abode-ful of articles representing the joys and pains of interior and exterior London life. All works are original and unseen, with some presented in sash and leaded window frames of up to 4.5 feet tall.

The show will feature the artists debut collaboration piece, with British artist Damien Hirst: a painted then printed on one off five foot tall spin painting.

“In feeling blue, tragically, the natural thing to do is stay blue. The creating of these new works has proven to me, more than ever before, that expressionism and making artwork is a way of temporarily exorcising that feeling. The show was created out of a compulsion to create, not one to show off, throw a party or make money. It’s making has been a revelation in accepting the need to treat bipolar as a blessing rather than a curse, and to perpetually guarantee myself that from long hum drum periods of heightened sensitivity, my most genuine and life affirming artwork is born.”

Us and Chem. shows at the Heni Gallery, 6-10 Lexington Street, Soho from 27th July to 27th August, bring yourself.

Opening: 6-9PM, Thursday 27th July, 2017.

02/12/16 | BAILEY: NW1


David Bailey had lived in Primrose Hill and Camden for nearly 30 years when he decided to capture the shuttered cinemas, boarded railway arches, crumbling Victorian facades, dormant car parks and advertising hoardings before they disappeared from view entirely. In 1982, when NW1 was first published, it reflected an already vanishing landscape: viewed now, Bailey’s photographs are even more portentous and poignant.

Gone is the history to be replaced with glass and steel, family businesses replaced by chain fashion stores and coffee shops.

“Put yourself in any one of the pictures of NW1 and you’re right there. Your ghosts can get to meet Bailey’s ghosts…. Bailey lived there, and loved it, and in the pictures, he’s saying what he thinks. It isn’t what it was; but it’s freighted with that, and it will be something again.”
— Francis Hodgson

This elegant and newly designed edition is signed by the artist, hand-numbered and limited to 1,000 copies. It includes an image exclusive to the edition alongside an originally commissioned text by Francis Hodgson, former photography critic for the Financial Times.

The book is published to coincide with the book’s eponymous exhibition at HENI, 6-10 Lexington Street, London W1F 0LB which runs from 02 December 2016–31 January 2017




Pace London is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Brian Clarke. The exhibition, featuring paintings, drawings and glass works, is on view from 1 to 19 November 2016 at 6 Burlington Gardens.

It’s opening coincides with the release of a new monograph of Clarke’s work published by HENI Publishing. Introduced by an exclusive interview between renowned American critic Robert Storr and Clarke, Night Orchids is an elegant monograph of 267 of these works— varying from delicate white line drawings on black card to vivid bursts of watercolour— and each contributing to an apparently endless sequence of questions about the nature of beauty and the void in which it flourishes.


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HENI and Pace London is delighted to announce Enclave, an exhibition of new paintings by Jonathan Wateridge. The exhibition will be on view at HENI, 6-10 Lexington Street, from 14 October to 13 November 2016. | Open Mon–Sat, 10am–6pm.

PRIVATE VIEW — Thursday 13 October 2016 — 6–8pm

In his first exhibition with Pace London and HENI, Wateridge presents his most expressive and personal body of work to date. As a starting point for the series, the artist constructed a large scale set of his childhood garden in Zambia and then worked with actors to develop the imagery for his paintings. Enclosed in an apparent world of poolside suburban sunshine, Enclave points to a protected yet fictionalised space that references both the artist’s childhood memories of a lost past juxtaposed with the wider issues of the West’s role in our post-colonial world.

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HENI and Pace London are pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Irish-born painter Conor Harrington. The exhibition, featuring ten new paintings will be on view from 15 September to 8 October 2016 at at 6-10 Lexington Street | Open Mon–Sat, 10am–6pm.

BOOK LAUNCH — Sunday 2 October 2016 — 11:30am–2pm — FREE

The exhibition coincides with the publication of the first major monograph of Harrington’s practice, Conor Harrington: Watch Your Palace Fall by HENI Publishing.

The monograph published 27 October 2016 by HENI Publishing, features more than 150 works by the artist, a new essay by curator Jane Neal and an informal Q&A between Harrington and journalist JJ O’Donoghue.  To Preorder a copy please click HERE

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Francis Bacon exhibition - INSTAGRAM

The Estate of Francis Bacon is proud to announce Francis Bacon: Six Studies in Soho, a one-day, free admission exhibition to celebrate the forthcoming worldwide publication of Francis Bacon: Catalogue Raisonné

The exhibition will open to the public on 25 May 2016, running from 10am–9pm, at 6-10 Lexington Street, London, W1F 0LB.

First copies of the Catalogue Raisonné will be displayed alongside an exhibition of five Bacon paintings and the pictured Triptych, 1987.

PLEASE NOTE: exhibition / event details are subject to change. Further information will be shared via our website and social media closer to the exhibition date.



Published globally by The Estate of Francis Bacon on 30th June 2016, Francis Bacon: Catalogue Raisonné is a landmark publishing event that presents the entire oeuvre of Bacon’s paintings for the first time and includes over 100 previously unpublished works. The impeccably produced five-volume, slipcased publication, containing each of Bacon’s 584 paintings, has been edited by Martin Harrison, FSA, the pre-eminent expert on Bacon’s work, alongside research assistant Dr Rebecca Daniels. An ambitious and painstaking project that has been ten years in the making, this seminal visual document eclipses in scope any previous publication on the artist and will have a profound effect on the perception of his work.

The catalogue contains around 800 illustrations across 1,538 pages within five cloth- bound hardcover volumes and is priced at £1,000 | $1,500 | €1,400. The three volumes that make up the study of Bacon’s entire painting oeuvre are bookended by two further volumes: the former including an introduction and a chronology, and the latter a catalogue of Bacon’s sketches, an index, and a bibliography compiled by Krzysztof Cieszkowski. Printed on 170 gsm GardaMatt Ultra stock in Bergamo, Italy at Castelli Bolis, the five volumes of Francis Bacon: Catalogue Raisonné are boxed within a cloth- bound slipcase, and supplied within a bespoke protective shipping carton.

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